Develop Smart Contract and launch token on Binance Smart Chain.

Finalize website and social media.

Initialize liquidity pool and list on PancakeSwap.

Develop strategy for primary focuses: education, NFTs and simplifying/gamifying cryptocurrency participation.

Host AirDrops and other promotions.

Offer Staking Rewards for staking

Partner with celebrity pro-athletes to develop the OKBoomer Champion NFT series enhanced with personalized experiences offered on OpenSea.

Partner with leading crypto marketing firm and launch marketing campaign.

Partner with Matthew Diemer on OKBOOMER Crypto Education Podcast with Matthew Diemer.

Partner with Dex University on a crypto education video series.

Begin development of BoomerSwap for purchasing of OKBOOMER tokens and quick swapping of tokens and fiat.

Complete OKBoomer audit.

Launch BoomerSwap.

Launch additional OKBoomer education initiatives including crypto newbie blog.

Develop new celebrity athlete enhanced NFT partnerships and OpenSea listings.

Develop strategies for gamifying crypto and OKBoomer initiatives in unique ways.

Develop strategies for the broad applications of the blockchain, the metaverse, NFTs, crypto education and additional OKBoomer initiatives.

Review of potential listing of OKBoomer on additional exchanges.

Continued development of core initiatives of education, NFTs and simplifying/gamifying cryptocurrency participation.

Development of an OKBoomer ecosystem that promotes the broad application of the blockchain in unique ways.

Develop crypto-lobbyist and political partnerships for a broader adoption of the blockchain and cryptocurrency participation.

Evolve as the industry expands