How to buy $OKBOOMER Token

OKBOOMER is a community-driven token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), thus requiring almost no gas fees to trade, as well as allowing for quick and seamless transactions.

OKBOOMER tokenomics rewards holders through reflection and punishes sellers through taxes, while developing and supporting initiatives to further the positive impact and utilization of the blockchain!

OKBOOMER token is focused on providing crypto education to the masses. By providing education resources and driving regulation, we plan to provide opportunity to our users and grow the overall market!

Our ability to provide value alongside our long-term approach enables us to be the coin of the future!

Downloading Safepal

Download the Safepal app
Open the App then click “next” to begin
Set a password and accept the “terms and agreement” to continue
Set a pattern for additional security, or click skip to continue
Finally click “Start Safepal Journey

Creating a Safepal wallet

To create your first wallet, select “Software Wallet“, then “Create Wallet
Type in your password and then name your wallet. Click Done
Read the next step clearly and DO NOT SKIP. This cannot be undone

Securing your wallet

Select “Back up my phrase”
You are about to be provided a seed phrase with 12 words. Write this down. This is your recovery password, if you lose this you will lose your coins
store this on your phone, as it could be hacked or broken
Confirm you understand on the app

Funding your account

IMPORTANT: This is where the instructions will change based on your location. If you live in CT, HI, ID, LA, NY, TX or VT, follow the next steps. If not, skip to STEP 8
Since these states do not allow the purchase of BNB directly, you will need to “Swap” BTC for BNB in Safepal
For this process, we recommend COINBASE to purchase BTC, but you can use any exchange to purchase

Purchase BTC

First download the Coinbase App
Link your bank account that you will use to fund your BTC purchase
Click the blue transfer button on the bottom of the screen
Select Bitcoin BTC to begin the purchase

Transfer to Safepal

Now that you own BTC, you need to send it to the Safepal wallet
In the Safepal app, click “BTC” and then the green “Receive” button
A QR code will pop up. Click the “Copy” button on the bottom of the screen
Return to the Coinbase app and then click the blue transfer button again and then click “Send” to begin the process